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“Antiphona Crucem sanctum” from Le Chant des Templiers by Marcel Pérès
(available here https://youtu.be/LU4rN_rDaNQ)

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The Original and Genuine Knights Templar Church Online

Formed in 2020, this church has undergone many changes since it’s inception.

Now under the guidance and leadership of a new duly appointed Grand Master, the Knights Templar Church Online provides it’s members with a fellowship of true Christian believers, all working with one goal, to further the spread of God’s Word worldwide.

Here’s what our online church provides:

  • Weekly online sermons
  • The Chaplain’s Room – a safe space to chat and get to know fellow members, as well as talk to the Chaplain.
  • Courses designed to further your understanding of the Christian Faith.
  • A course designed specifically for progression to Knight/Dame Status.
  • A safe Facebook Group to share Christian memes, ideas and encouragement.
  • A permanent “Hall of Knights” record of status for those who have reached Knight/Dame status.
  • A monthly newsletter to view online and share.
  • This website – the only true Knights Templar Church internet presence.

We are a non-profit church which worships Jesus Christ. We believe in the Holy Trinity, salvation being obtained by grace from God (not by works) through the sacrifice on the cross of Jesus, whose redemptive actions in life, death and resurrection provided the means of re-connection to the Father.

If you are still learning about Christianity let us help you get to know Jesus. Our faith is not about religion. Our faith is all about developing a personal relationship with Christ and trusting in HIM so that by faith and God’s grace we may be saved from the second death and have eternal life in a place already prepared for us in HIS kingdom of heaven. 

We encourage the development of individual ministries and offer training for those brothers and sisters in Christ who wish to take that next step and become a Templar Knight or Dame.

Do not be deceived by those who wish to cheapen and destroy God’s work.

Come and join us, the ONLY genuine Knights Templar Church Online.


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Why do we use the Jerusalem Cross as the Symbol of our Church?

The Jerusalem Cross (also known as the Crusaders Cross) is of great significance to Christians worldwide. It was first used after the capture of Jerusalem in 1099 by Godfrey de Bouillon and was the emblem for the new Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Using this symbol for our Church should be seen as a reminder of not only the crucifixion of Christ, but also the 4 Gospels which give witness to the life, death and resurrection of Christ.

It signifies the root of Christianity as being Jerusalem, but we might also consider it to represent the New Jerusalem spoken of in Revelation 3:12 and 21:10.

We in the Knights Templar Church use this symbol as both a reminder of the past and also a symbol of God’s kingdom to come in the future.

For Details about Church Membership:

Our Mission

Forging Soldiers for Christ

The mission of the Knights Templar Church Online covers a number of issues:

Our Vision

Knights Templar Church Online:


The above doctrines are by no means a complete list. For a full statement of Faith, click below:

The King James Bible:

The Preserved &
Inerrant Word of God

We believe that the King James Bible is the only mass produced “modern” Bible that contains the inspired Word of God.

Do not be deceived by the rhetoric of those who would persuade you to use any other version.

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The Crusader Times

The Knights Templar Church Online Newsletter

Our newsletter is produced monthly and is a great way to get to know what, where and when we get involved with ministry work around the world.

Free to all, view online and/or download as a pdf file.

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How You Can Help?

Send a

Donations are a matter of conscience. Like all churches, we have running costs which require support from our members.
But donations are not limited to members only. If you feel that you would like to support our mission, then please feel free to donate any amount you feel comfortable with.

If you feel led to help us to further our mission, then click below to visit our Donations Page.

Become a Templar

As a Modern Day Templar you will be following in the footsteps of the original knights who were formed with the sole purpose of aiding and protecting pilgrims to the Holy Land.
You must be dedicated, sincere, Christ-centred, strong-willed and most of all love God with all your heart and soul.
You must also be willing to undergo basic training and undergo a probationary period of assessment.

Click below to learn more about becoming a Templar

Ministry Training

As a Christian, our lives should be dedicated to bringing Christ into the lives of all peoples. Furthermore, being a Templar is a ‘calling’ to service in ministry, in line with the warrior-monks of the original Templars.
What is your calling? do you possess the skills? What gifts has God given you to serve?
We can connect you to quality online training, and best of all, it’s free!

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What People Say About

Knights Templar Church Online

“My life has been helping people in poverty and opposing the NWO.”

“I am a Christian, a believer in Christ & his message. Also a believer in the purpose & mission of the original Knights Templar and would like very much to be part of the continued purpose & mission. The world is in need of light. truth & good will.”

“Do not let this movement fade- keep the progression of this movement strong, all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Do not fear failure, for God will allow us to accomplish all things if we believe in him, and call upon his name. We must put an end to the NWO, put an end to the Covid.”

Recent News Updates

The Tyranny that is Globalism

We post the above video (which is free to copy and distribute) as it contains information that every person should be aware of. It is our wish to help as many people as possible to understand this despicable evil that has the world in its grip today.

Please do not see this as “conspiracy theory”. What you see and hear in this video is merely the tip of the iceberg. Please give this your time and then visit the website of the video producer (link below) where you will find a great deal more easy to follow information on this and related topics.

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